Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change
Met Office, Exeter, UK, 1-3 Feb 2005
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In a speech on 14 September 2004, the British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced the conference by saying:

"… we propose first to host an international scientific meeting at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in Exeter in February. More than just another scientific conference, this gathering will address the big questions on which we need to pool the answers available from the science:

"What level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is self-evidently too much?

"What options do we have to avoid such levels?"

The UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has been tasked to organise this event. The aim of the symposium is to advance scientific understanding of and encourage an international scientific debate on the long term implications of climate change, the relevance of stabilisation goals, and options to reach such goals; and to encourage research on these issues.

The key issues related to the stabilisation of greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere will be discussed over three days. The conference will cover the following questions:

Key questions

1. For different levels of climate change what are the key impacts, for different regions and sectors, and for the world as a whole?

2. What would such levels of climate change imply in terms of greenhouse gas stabilisation concentrations and emission pathways required to achieve such levels?

3. What technological options are there for achieving stabilisation of greenhouse gases at different stabilisation concentrations in the atmosphere, taking into account costs and uncertainties?

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