Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change
Met Office, Exeter, UK, 1-3 Feb 2005
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Poster session

Using Multiple Probability Distributions for Climate Policy Analysis (PDF, 227 KB)
Paul Baer and Michael Mastrandrea

Impacts of Doubled-CO2 Climate Change (PDF, 152 KB)
Richard Betts, Deborah Hemming, Matt Collins and Jason Lowe

Temperature Extremes, the Past and the Future (PDF, 230 KB)
S Brown, P Stott, R Clark

Climate Change Prediction: Uncertainty, Risk and CO2 Stabilisation (PDF, 94 KB)
Matt Collins, Ben Booth, Glen Harris, James Murphy, David Sexton and Mark Webb

Japan as a Possible Hot Spot of Flood Damage in Future Climate Illustrated by High-Resolution Climate Modelling Using the Earth Simulator (PDF, 401 KB)
Seita Emori, Masahide Kimoto, Akira Hasegawa, Toru Nozawa, Akimasa Sumi, Taikan Oki, Kiyoshi Takahashi and Hideo Harasawa

Reducing Climate-Sensitive Risks in the Medium Term: Stabilisation or Adaptation (PDF, 133 KB)
Indur Goklany

Tidal Flood Risk in London Under Stabilisation Scenarios (PDF, 191 KB)
Jim Hall, Richard Dawson, Sarah Lavery, Robert Nicholls, John Wicks and Dennis Parker

Long-term Emissions Scenarios and Short-term Targets: Application of AIM Model (PDF, 156 KB)
Hideo Harasawa, Yasuaki Hijioka, Mikiko Kainuma, Yuzuru Matsuoka and Shuzo Nishioka

Global Warming Impacts on Japan and Asian region (PDF 202 KB)
Kiyoshi Takahashi, Hideo Harasawa, Nobuo Mimura, Yuzuru Matsuoka and Shuzo Nishioka

Impact of the Kyoto Protocol on Stabilization of Carbon Dioxide Concentration (PDF, 314 KB)
Niklas Hohne

An Incremental Carbon Emissions Strategy for the Global Carbon Cycle Using State Variable Feedback Control Design (PDF, 211 KB)
Andrew Jarvis, Peter Young, David Leedal and Arun Chothai

Stabilisation Level, Burden-sharing Regime, and Long-term Target - A Challenge to Set Japan's Long-term Target for 2050 (PDF, 31 KB)
Norichika Kanie, Yasuko Kameyama, Yasuaki Hijioka and Shuzo Nishioka

The Role of Aviation Emissions in Climate Stabilization Scenarios (PDF, 160 KB)
David S Lee, ling lim and Sarah Raper

Defining Dangers of Climate Change and Individual Behaviour: Closing the Gap (PDF, 36 KB)
Irene Lorenzoni and Nick Pidgeon

Integrated Scenarios to Achieve a 60% Carbon Reduction for the UK by 2050 (PDF, 133 KB)
Sarah Mander, Paolo Agnolucci, Kevin Anderson, Alice Bows, Paul Ekins and Simon Shackley

Prospects for Zero Emission Hydrocarbon Fuelled Vehicles with Sustainable Carbon Recycling (PDF, 267 KB)
Reginald Mann and Helen Dutton

Observed Hydologic Consequences of Climate Change in Western North America (PDF, 156 KB)
Philip Mote, Alan Hamlet and Dennis Lettenmaier

Impact of Increased CO2 Levels on Inter-annual Tropical Variability (PDF, 92 KB)
Antonio Navarra

Ethical Claims about the Basic Foundations on Climate Change Policies (PDF, 123 KB)
Konrad Ott

The Caspian Sea Level Fluctuations as an Example of Local/Global Climatic Change (PDF, 59 KB)
Gennady N. Panin

Climate Change and Highland malaria in the Tropics (PDF, 126 KB)
Paul Reiter

Feed back and Feed-Forward Interactions between Climate Change and Grassland-Based Agriculture (PDF, 118 KB)
David Scholefield, S.C. Jarvis, A. brown, A. Del prado, A. Hopkins and L. Cardenas

Study on Changes of Rainfall in the Mahaweli Upper Watershed in Sri Lanka, Due to Climatic Changes and Develop a Correction Model for Global Warming (PDF, 219 KB)
W.W.A. Shantha and J.M.S. Jayasundara

Technological Dynamics toward CO2 Stabilization (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Taishi Sugiyama

Geographic and Temporal Variation of Carbon Exchange by Terrestrial Ecosystems and Their Feed-backs with the Climate System (PDF, 153 KB)
Ricardo Valentini

The Implications of Greenhouse Gas Stabilisation for International Tourism Flows (PDF, 195 KB)
David Viner and Bas Amelung

Beyond Kyoto - Preventing Dangerous Climate Change by Continuing Kyoto or by the GCCS-Approach? (PDF, 336 KB)
Lutz Wicke and Gerhard Timm

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